• "The treatment carried out by Matthew have always been painless and non-upsetting, almost enjoyable if you can say that about going

    to the dentist! I would always come back because of the professionalism I experienced. My dental work has always been successful."

Dental Health Plan

No45 Dental Health Plan from £17.50 per month

Our Dental Health Plan is the best way we can organise to keep you dentally healthy throughout life.

We find that those patients who join the plan, and pay monthly for their regular health appointments (dental health assessments and hygiene visits) do attend the practice at the exact intervals we believe are right to maintain optimum health.

(Those patients who do not join the plan – even with the best will in the world – let their appointments slip at times, and come back to us after some time has lapsed and health has deteriorated.  These patients then are the ones we tend to have to do more restorative treatment for.)

Following an initial Dental Health Assessment, we will advise which of our plans is best to help keep you dentally healthy.

We have seven Plans, including the following:-

Standard Plan

for most patients, two Dental Health Assessments and two Hygiene Visits per annum.

Increased Risk Plan

for those who require a little extra help to get or stay dentally healthy - two Dental Health Assessments and two extra long Hygiene Visits per annum.

High Risk Plan

for those in danger of periodontal disease and problems - two Dental Health Assessments and four Hygiene Visits per annum.

Children’s plan

Two Dental Health Assessments and one Hygiene Skills and Habits Visit per annum.