Dental Implants


Losing a tooth can have a serious effect on your health and happiness. Hiding your smile and having problems when you chew are two frustrating results of tooth loss. We can utilise dental implants to replace single or multiple teeth, restoring your confidence, enjoyment of meals and avoiding the need for embarrassing dentures.

Dental implants are the most natural way to get your smile looking its best again. The latest technology means that your bespoke replacement teeth will look like they've always been there, and will have you smiling with confidence again.

The implant provides an artificial root that can be used to anchor replacement teeth like crowns, bridges and removable dentures. If your replacement teeth ever fail they can be replaced quickly and painlessly - but the dental implant that holds them in place should last for life. Having dental implants may seem like a big procedure but it is completely safe, has a very high success rate and most patients experience no or little discomfort. Permanent and effective, dental implants enable you to eat, drink, speak and smile with real confidence.

Our team are highly experienced in dental implants. Dr Adam Slade, our Lead Implant Clinician, is an implant surgeon known internationally for his expertise and is a regular presenter on television. All of our implant clinicians have at least ten years’ experience in implant dentistry and have taken postgraduate training at some of the best medical universities in the UK and USA.

Our team of dental hygienists are highly trained and have gained experience with implant hygiene techniques; we recommend that you visit them regularly following your implant treatment to ensure its success. As one of the most experienced teams of dental implant experts in the region, dentists across Sussex and Hampshire trust us with their patients, reassured by the specialist training in dental implant maintenance we can provide for them when their patient returns to their care.

All on 4

One of the most advanced dental procedures available, this treatment can give you a complete set of replacement teeth in either a single jaw or the full mouth.

Our team are among the few clinicians in the region who can carry out this cutting-edge treatment, using just four dental implants in each jaw to give you a permanent set of natural-looking teeth. It’s truly life-transforming, restoring your teeth’s full function and enabling you to eat, drink, speak and smile with real confidence.

With a high success rate and minimal discomfort, a full arch of dental implants will last most patients for life.

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