Teeth Whitening


Professional teeth whitening can hugely improve the appearance of your smile by simply lightening the shade of your natural teeth. Your smile is important. A bright smile is beautiful and it helps you to feel good about yourself.

Over time your teeth get stained and discoloured from everyday life. This can dull down your teeth and your smile. Wine, coffee, tea and cola can all contribute to the natural aging process that darkens teeth.

We offer two methods of tooth whitening, namely in-surgery (Zoom!) and home whitening. Tooth whitening can be achieved at the practice with immediate results or more gradually at home using custom made trays with a home whitening kit.

Before any whitening procedure we would need to ensure that your mouth is healthy in order to decide the best way of whitening for you and to make sure that the expected results will meet your expectations.

It is really important to mention that tooth whitening can only be carried out legally by a registered dentist or hygienist who will conform to the latest safety regulations. This is the only way that you can ensure that the procedure and products used are safe and will not severely damage your teeth.

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